About NCDs

What Are Non-Communicable Diseases?

Doctors for Healthy Living (DHL), is a social enterprise company established by a group of professionals headed by Dr. Robert Mathenge. The company aims to increase awareness of, and promote healthy living among targeted population groups by leveraging the skills of professional doctors, resources from health care organizations and best practice communication strategies.

In June 2018, DHL will be launching a health awareness campaign referred to as Know Your Numbers (KYN). KYN is a free medical camp during which members of the public will have vital numbers relating to blood pressure, blood glucose, blood cholesterol, waist circumference and body mass index measured. Specialist doctors will also volunteer their time to be on ground to provide advice to those who will be found to require further follow up.

Cholesterol levels, blood pressure, blood sugar, and body mass index are key indicators of our risk for major illness. Knowing these numbers is important because keeping your numbers within a healthy range can greatly reduce your risk for developing heart disease, diabetes or other non-communicable diseases.

In March 2020, a global pandemic COVID-19 is detected in Kenya. To address this situation, a group of senior doctors, who are thought leaders in their fields, have offered to partner with the government in helping people to understand and take appropriate measures to break the spread of COVID 19. Through an initiative known as Break the Chain, the specialists are available to respond to questions and concerns about COVID 19 on social and mainstream media and to explain the medical reasons behind the protocols that have been recommended by the Ministry of Health.

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