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Our Faq's on Covid-19

Frequently Asked Questions

HBC means you are receiving health care while you are at home and not in a health facility. It is not specific to Covid-19, but constitutes any attention offered at home when you are unwell. It can involve self-care or being taken care of by others. For Covid-19, HBC is recommended when you have mild symptoms, and you do not require oxygen, fluid replacement or organ support because your organs are functioning normally.

Measures need to be taken to ensure that you do not put other people at risk of infection with Covid-19 when undergoing HBC. Key questions to answer are: Who do you live with? Does your house have enough room for you to be able to avoid other people inthe house?

One of theseis access tofood. We usually take this for granted but there are people whose access to food is not guaranteed. Poor nutrition is a risk factor for a bad out- come for Covid-19. If you do not have gua- ranteed access to food, then itis better to be in hospital where you can get meal as your oxygen, fluids and organs are monitored.